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Red X fines not always being enforced on motorways

The Transport Minister Baroness Vere has revealed that the enforcement of fines for peopled driving underneath a Red X on a motorway is hit-and-miss, because it requires a Police Officer to sign off the penalty before it can be levied.

Auto Express has spotted comments made during a Transport Committee meeting in Parliament where Baroness Vere said, ““I had thought… you just fine anybody driving underneath a red X camera – easy. It’s not easy, because it has to be actually signed off by a real person – a constable – so they cannot issue fines unless that is happening. Depending on resourcing, some areas issue more fines than others. It is something of great interest to me, as is road policing in general.”

The report also quotes Nick Harris, chief executive of National Highways telling the Committee that his organisation had a “memorandum of understanding” with police forces on the issue.

“There is a minimum number of enforcements that they have to do,” he explained. “But of course, we would like to encourage them to do more.”

The penalty should be three penalty points on their licence and a fine of up to £100.

(Picture – National Highways)

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