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Re-flow joins industry leaders at RSMA Annual Conference

The Road Markings Association (RSMA) recently held its annual conference, offering a line-up of engaging and enlightening discussions on the future of the line marking and highways industries.

The event was kicked off by Stu McInroy, the CEO of RSMA, who recognized the emerging talent in the field. The industry is undergoing a major transformation as it adopts cutting-edge technology and sustainability, with Re-flow supporting this change.

The conference tackled a variety of subjects, including active travel, alternative fuels, road conditions, the dangers of driving license exemptions, and the future of traffic management. Attendees also delved into the Road Safety Foundation's latest report, "Building Back Safer: Making roads fit for 2030." The conference emphasized the challenges facing the industry in 2023 and beyond, including supply chain problems and the ongoing emphasis on workforce health and safety.

Re-flow was represented by Ashley Wing, Head of Sales and Marketing, and Aaron Bilenkyj, Technical Sales Consultant. The duo spent the conference networking and providing live demonstrations of Re-flow's field management software, which was well received by attendees. Daniel Evans and John Davies from Glamorgan White Lining were particularly impressed by the software's ability to gather data and produce detailed, customizable reports.

The Re-flow team also took the chance to catch up with long-term client Greg Clark, Managing Director of Quality Marking Services (QMS), and met the team at WJ, including CEO Wayne Johnston for the first time since the line marking giant adopted Re-flow as part of their digital transformation strategy.

The conference was a resounding success, with attendees exchanging ideas and exploring the future of the line marking sector. With Re-flow at the forefront of digital revolution in the highways industry, the company is proud to continue supporting the sector and its clients. The conference and accompanying exhibition provided attendees with a chance to reconnect with industry peers and learn about the latest advancements. The night was capped off with a dinner and celebrations for attendees that ran late into the night, bringing Re-flow’s first event of the year to a close.

The RSMA Annual Conference may have come and gone, but the excitement is far from over. As the year moves forward, the Re-flow team is gearing up for a busy travel schedule. Keep an eye on their event roadmap to see where they'll be next and make sure to follow their social media channels for all the latest updates on news, insights, and product updates.

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