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Re-flow Investors support continued rapid Growth

Workflow Management Ltd, the award-winning software company behind the highly successful field management software of Re-flow, closed its over-subscribed funding round in less than two weeks.

Based in Exeter, Devon, Re-flow provides a digital field management solution that unites field operatives and back-office staff with a centralised system, heavily advocating for the shift away from traditional paper systems. Reducing waste and increasing auditability to make improvements to health in safety, the company mainly serves businesses across the infrastructure, construction, civil engineering, highways, landscaping, and rail sectors.

Investors, including Ashley Warden and Simon Penson, among many others, are once againbacking founders Michael Saunders and Leandro Wade, who have now been helming Re-flow for 4 years, further cementing its commitment to support the company’s growth, as demand for its services increases.

This investment follows a very successful year for Re-flow, which now boasts over 80 clientsin the highways sector. The constant addition of major new features, such as the recently introduced Form Builder, shows that the company has no intention of slowing down development of its software, or its growth as a business. To match this, the Re-flow team has consistently expanded over the past several months with even more additions expectedin the near future.

The additional funding will support the ongoing development of the Re-flow system, including the roll out of new features, allowing the development team to focus their attention on implementing long-requested additions and build off the continued feedback from our existing clients. The additional resources also mean that Re-flow’s digital infrastructure can expand, making way for additions that can be larger in scope and complexity than ever before. The implementation of new features and a growing client number means funds will also be invested into building upon support services through the hiring of additional software specialists. The business’ steadily increasing exponential growth can now better match the growing demand for its services, as Re-flow onboards more clients, with more users than ever before.

With more funds and manpower, the company can also turn its attention towards expandingconnections within the community surrounding the sectors it serves, already scheduled to attend 10 industry events across the span of 2022.

Continued confidence, funding and support from its investors means Re-flow can now step up their highly acclaimed work with a renewed sense of determination and ambition, ready to accommodate the needs of new clients, big and small, better than ever before.

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