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Preventative treatments for more Dorset roads

Surfacing works around the Dorset Council area are taking place over the next three months to extend the life of urban residential roads

Kiely Bros are carrying out the work on behalf of the council, completing work for 2023, which is due to finish by mid-March, weather-permitting. They will then commence the 2024 programme, which is due to complete by mid April.

Two gangs are carrying out the work which has started in the Ferndown and Wimborne areas.

Affected households are provided with a leaflet before the works start.

The treatment, known as microasphalt surfacing, extends the life of the road. It is a cost-effective method for worn, but not structurally failing, roads. It also adds reinforcement to the existing surface, removing minor imperfections and sealing the road to prevent water getting through.

This microasphalt programme is part of Dorset Council’s regular maintenance strategy for its roads, maintaining condition and preventing or repairing potholes. It is supported by investment from the Department for Transport and the council’s own funding.

During the work

Due to the equipment size and number of vehicles used to carry out the work, roads are closed for the treatment to be carried out.

Road closures are from 8am to 5pm. Onsite team members are available to address residents’ queries.

Advance notice signs are displayed before the start of work. The signs contain contact information

Residents are asked to not park vehicles on the road/verges when the work is due to start: ‘No parking’ boards will be erected 2-3 days in advance.

A note about micro-surfacing

On application, the micro-asphalt may look ‘open’ with some loose chippings. However, after a few weeks (or longer, depending on traffic volumes) the material will bed in. It is not recommended that the material is rolled as this brings the ‘binder’, which sits below the surface, to the top; this would affect the final texture and performance. The contractor may sweep up any excess chippings.

The locations being treated in February and March in date order by two crews working at the same time, are below. Find all roadworks and road closures on the Dorset Council map, including dates and times. Please note, dates are weather-dependent.

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