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Police officer sacked after caught 12 miles over limit on M4

A policeman who lied about why he was speeding in a police vehicle has been sacked from Thames Valley Police

PC Stewart Argyle was transporting a suspect in the vehicle last August when a speed camera caught him doing 62mph in a 50mph zone on the M4 near Reading.

He filled in an official form called a TD14 claiming an exemption from prosecution.

In it, the officer claimed he had increased his speed when the suspect ‘became upset and verbally abusive and was moving around’ – and that he wanted to get off the motorway, safely pull over and speak to his detainee.

The Newbury-based constable emailed the form to his inspector on August 28 and within an hour received a reply from the senior officer asking several points of clarification.

Mr Argyle sent a further email, telling Insp Hunt: “No exemption is being claimed. I was distracted but it’s no excuse.”

A misconduct panel sitting at Thames Valley Police’s headquarters in Kidlington found that his actions in exaggerating the threat posed by the prisoner and lying about pulling over amounted to gross misconduct.

Panel chairman Harry Ireland said: “[PC Argyle], we are sure, would have continued with his lie contained within the TD14 had he not been challenged by Inspector Hunt very soon after the documents’ submission to him.”

He was dismissed without notice.


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