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Murphy Plant sign up to cleaner and greener charter

Murphy Plant have signed up to a cross-sector commitment that aims to help reduce carbon emissions.

The Plant Commitment Charter was launched last year by the Supply Chain Sustainability School, and outlines five commitments that contribute to a cleaner working environment and help the UK reduce its carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. Reducing our impact on the environment where we work is a central part of our sustainability strategy.

The use of fossil fuels to power construction plan and equipment (CPE) contributes to two direct impacts: poor local air quality and related health impacts on those working in, and living around, construction sites.


  1. Minimum standards in procurement: We will buy or hire CPE that meets or exceeds the minimum standards for AQ and GHG emissions, as laid out in the latest version of accompanying technical paper3

  2. Engagement: We will engage suppliers and contractors up and down the value chain to actively participate in meeting the same minimum standards to contribute towards our aims

  3. Awareness raising and education: We commit to providing our supply chain with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve our aims

  4. Measurement and reporting: We will measure progress in reducing our emissions and report them to relevant stakeholders

  5. Innovation: We will investigate, trial and implement new technologies that will help us on the route to zero emissions onsite

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