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“Obnoxious” HGV driver to be fired after blocking safety camera

A Heavy Goods Vehicle driver who obstructed a mobile speed camera van in Rotherham has been “dealt with” for offences, and will now also face dismissal from his employer.

South Yorkshire Police says that, on Tuesday 20 February, a mobile safety camera van was parked on Dunstan Road in Maltby when the driver of a HGV deliberately parked his vehicle in front of the camera.

When questioned by staff and asked to move on, the driver “became obnoxious” and began filming the events to share on social media.

Safety Camera Partnership staff are granted delegated powers when conducting their duty, the same as operational police officers and it is a criminal offence to obstruct them in their duties.

The driver, aged in his 50s was reported on summons for obstructing a member of police staff in the execution of his duty.

The Police say his behaviour was “particularly disappointing” given he drives for a living and spends a greater amount of time on the road, “so we fed this back to his employer, which was easy given it was a vehicle liveried with the company’s details”.

His employer, who has no doubt that these actions were deliberate and unnecessary said action will be taken.

Matthew Collings, Roads Policing Inspector said: “Unfortunately we see incidents like this far too often.

“We know that speed cameras lead to conversations about money generation, however, this is actually about making South Yorkshire’s roads safer.

“We have sadly experienced nine fatal collisions within South Yorkshire this year and a large number resulting in seriously injured drivers and passengers. Speed cameras are there to change driver’s behaviour and ultimately save lives.

“Speed kills. A few miles per hour over the speed limit can be the difference between life and death.”

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