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O’Brien starts Fairham access road

Access works for the £800m Fairham neighbourhood development in Nottingham start next week.

Fairham is being brought forward by Clowes Developments in partnership with Homes England. They have been working with Highways England, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council to ensure the access works achieve the maximum benefit for the least amount of local disruption.

Clowes Developments infrastructure director Ali Malik said: “This work is all about creating an important new access for Fairham that will link to the whole of the development in the future. This will allow us to continue to build the internal road network to service the new homes, jobs, amenities and leisure facilities we’re creating at this major new neighbourhood for Nottingham.” The work is taking place off the Mill Hill roundabout and on the Clifton South tram terminus access road from the A453 Remembrance Way. Completion of the access road is expected in April 2023.

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