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Nottinghamshire County Council to invest over £47m in roads and pavements

“I am delighted to inform readers that Nottinghamshire County Council will be investing more than £47m in roads and pavements across the county in 2022/23.” says Neil Clarke, chairman of transport and environment at Nottinghamshire County Council.

“This is also the first time we have laid out a three-year plan for highway repair work, which was one of the recommendations from the council’s recent cross-party highways review. These longer-term programmes support improved planning and delivery and help to keep residents better informed about forthcoming road and pavement maintenance in their area.

“I’m also pleased to report that an extra £4.7m in funding from the Department for Transport has been approved to use on Active Travel projects, which are designed to encourage us all to make journeys in more physically active, healthier ways.

“The government’s Active Travel Fund is providing infrastructure such as cycleways and footpaths. During the pandemic this has supported ways of travelling that allow for easier social distancing, and the broader aim is to promote long-term changes to commuting habits, given that cycling and walking can deliver health, air quality and congestion reduction benefits. There are 381 individual road, footpath and drainage schemes planned across the county, full details of which can be found on our website.

“We are investing an extra £12m over the next three years in road surface repairs. This will double the number of repair ‘gangs’ operating across the county. I have highlighted before this administration’s commitment to improving Nottinghamshire’s roads, and thanks to this investment residents will see our repair teams out and about from May improving the county’s roads with a focus on “right first-time” repairs.

“We are also completing our LED lighting programme with a further 12,000 streetlights being upgraded, which will significantly reduce electricity costs as well as being a more environmentally friendly way of lighting our roads.

“The schemes agreed for funding have been designed to reflect local and national priorities. All county councillors last year were asked to submit their highest priority highway improvement suggestions so these could be considered for inclusion. In addition to road maintenance, we are also focusing on improving accessibility, addressing congestion, and increasing road safety. “I recently visited a pre-driver training event at Minster School, Southwell, which saw young people get behind the wheel of a car in a safe environment before they start their lessons aged 17. The skills learnt in these sessions will help young drivers achieve a better understanding of driving and develop the right attitude to road awareness and safety from the moment they get into the driver’s seat.

“Last summer we achieved our previous ten-year target to reduce preventable road traffic collisions which resulted in fatalities or serious injury by 40%. In fact, we surpassed the target by 5%, but we will not stop there and are now working on new ways to keep our county safe. “All of this work and investment is part of our strategy to support the local economy, promote health and wellbeing and ensure our communities thrive.”

– Neil Clarke, chairman of transport and environment at Nottinghamshire County Council Original source article:

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