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Notify Technology named as solutions provider for Jarvis Abuse and Incursions reporting app

Safer Highways are pleased to announce that a significant step forward has been taken in the development of its ground-breaking app designed to empower all roadworkers to report abuse in real time with the announcement that Notify Technology have been appointed as technical partner on the project

Ahead of the inaugural Respect our Roadworkers week, to be held w/c 20th June 2022, the Stamp it Out industry-wide collective have set out a number of aims and objectives, these include:

  • The development of a free to access reporting app for everyone across the sector ... and beyond, enabling the people we put to work to report incidents of abuse, incursions and indeed positive interventions which prevented a loss to life in real time.

  • A joined up approach from contractors and clients alike in understanding the data around abuse and worksite incursions.

  • A targeted approach to training our operatives in effectively de-escalating flashpoint situations should they occur through effective and relevant training.

  • A public awareness campaign aimed at educating the road using public around the invaluable role our workforce play in keeping them safe on a daily basis.

Notify’s part in the programme will be to develop and deliver a fully functioning incursion and abuse reporting app, free to access for all organisations within the supply chain across both England and Scotland on both the High and Low speed networks, with an eventual aim being to cascade further into the transportation sector in general.

Speaking about the significant developments with the reporting app, Freya Wells, Chief Operating Officer of Safer Highways, one of the key stakeholders in the programme said,

"The development of the reporting app has become a real passion for myself and the team involved and as such it is very exciting to see these progressive steps forward and in Notify we have a partner who share our ethos and value, and indeed have committed a significant amount of time and effort to the project.

"To date, the process has been one which has involved heavy consultation with the sector, as to how we can best provide a free-to-access tool which delivers the maximum benefit.

"Having already used the minimal viable product (MVP) I am thrilled with the progress we have made and when we are in a position to reveal more details I hope that the sector will be as excited as we are with what we are developing."

Speaking about the project, Duncan Davies of Notify Technology echoed Miss Wells thoughts, adding,

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Safer Highways on this vital initiative. We’ve always believed that the best way to deliver safe working is to enable people to report safety events as quickly as possible, wherever they happen to be, at any time day or night.

“By delivering a simple app that roadworkers can use to report instances of abuse and incursions we can help the sector truly understand the scale of the problem and, using our smart technology, we’ll support Safer Highways in providing insights on trends and hotspots.

We’re providing access to the app free of charge as our way of supporting the health and wellbeing of thousands of roadworkers up and down the country, who do an amazing job for us in all weathers! This programme also supports our ambition of making a billion workers safer around the globe”

Named Jarvis, in honour of Kevin Jarvis, a traffic management operative who tragically lost his life a number of weeks ago, the app will shortly move into a proof of concept period with one specific contractor to hone and refine its features.

It will then move to a second stage of testing with the "One Community" on the M25, an alliance made up of principal contractor, Connect Plus Services, Osborne, Jackson Civils, R&W Civils and a number of other Safer Highways members.

At the same time it will also be tested with a specific contractor on the Transport Scotland (the project's principal sponsor) network with a view to a staged roll out across the Scottish Trunk Road network in the next 6 months.

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