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New road barrier business group formed by Hill & Smith

A new business group has been formed combining the strength and expertise of four leading UK road safety barrier firms.

The new group brings together Asset VRS, Varley & Gulliver, Hardstaff Barriers and Hill & Smith Barrier, which are all part of Hill & Smith Ltd.

The move consolidates all existing UK Hill and Smith Ltd Vehicle Restraint System (VRS) subsidiaries, connecting all temporary and permanent products and services.

As a result, the level of service provided to customers will be strengthened and the supply of high-quality barrier systems to the road network and security industry will be enhanced.

Safety is a high priority for all of the companies involved, with every product manufactured and supplied designed to keep people and property safe.

The companies’ strong individual divisional brands and faces to market will be maintained within the new business group.

The group will be led by a newly-formed Executive Leadership Team, consisting of: · Peter Wilkinson, who will lead the new business group as Managing Director. Peter has worked within Hill and Smith Ltd for 21 years, leading very successful businesses across the business portfolio, both internationally and in the UK. · Tony Everitt, who becomes Export Sales Director. Tony has been with Hill and Smith Ltd for 30 years and was Managing Director of Varley & Gulliver, where he gained extensive knowledge of the international roads market and made a significant contribution. · Dave Todd, who becomes Managing Director of Services, overseeing all aspects of service-related functions within the new group. He previously worked in various senior roles for Tier 1 major project contractors, before becoming Executive Director of Hardstaff Barriers upon its acquisition by Hill and Smith Ltd in 2016. He has transformed Hardstaff from a family-owned company into a very successful and profitable business. · James Thomas, currently Financial Director of Hill & Smith Ltd (including Berry and Asset International), who will also take on responsibility as FD for the new group. James has spent seven years with Hill & Smith Ltd and brings vast experience and extensive knowledge across the individual businesses. · Matt Harriman, who becomes Managing Director of Products overseeing sales, development, innovation and production at the Bilston and West Bromwich facilities. Matt became MD of Hill & Smith Barrier in 2017 after 14 years in product and technical roles. · Ian Robinson, former Managing Director of Lionweld Kennedy Ltd, who has come out of retirement to become Transformation Consultant during the integration period giving regular updates on the development of the new group. Peter Wilkinson said: “Our new leadership team is excited by the opportunity to transform and grow this newly-formed group. The bringing together of our VRS businesses will give greater opportunities to all employees, creating career opportunities and new leadership roles. “This new group also strengthens the range of our products, enabling enhanced service, solutions, choice and support for all of our customers.”

“This new group also strengthens the range of our products, enabling enhanced service, solutions, choice and support for all of our customers.” Peter Wilkinson, Managing Director, Hill & Smith Limited
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