New Member Monday – A partnership which began with a child’s love of Lego.

What do a 7 year old child and membership of a national industry wider movement who champion health, safety and wellbeing have in common?

According to Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways the answer is quite a lot, as he explained,

“Last year during lockdown I happened to be browsing through social media and spotted Traffic Group Signals post depicting a Lego model of a set of temporary traffic lights.

“My son James is an avid fan of Lego so obviously the post caught my eye.

“The bottom of the post said, if you want your own set then send us a message, which I did.

“To my surprise, the following morning I had a direct message in my inbox from Will, the marketing manager asking me to give him a call, which I did and 3 months later, the rest as they say, is history as 4 months later I am delighted to welcome the organisation into membership.

"The company manufactures and support the traffic management industry’s most advanced portable and temporary traffic signal products so from that perspective, the Lego was a natural, if somewhat quirky marketing tool. "

As well as helping Safer Highways with its mission of creating safer local and strategic roads for both road workers and the travelling public, Traffic Group Signals will also be exhibiting at next year’s SHL!ve event on the 8th and 9thJune, at Evolution London in Battersea Park.

Having just announced that, with more than a year to the event, the Safer Highways organised, SH L!ve interactive exhibition is over 80% full, this year will mark a busy one for the organisation and its members with a number of important programmes being delivered including IPV/Incursions, Stamp It Out, mental health, service strikes and drugs and alcohol.

Prior to becoming members Traffic Group Signals already embodied the Safer Highways collaborative ethos.

Last year the company worked with another Safer Highways member, Chevron Traffic Management, on the first ever deployment of a battery-powered, radio-linked Temporary Traffic Signal that conforms to TSRGD Diagram 3000.

Speaking about Traffic Signals Group becoming a member of Safer Highways, Will Credicott, Marketing Manager at Traffic Group Signals said: “As a leading supplier to the traffic management industry we are delighted to be joining Safer Highways as a member. Safer Highways is the perfect channel for us to share our ground-breaking product and technology releases and we look forward to engaging with other members in the months ahead.”

For more information about becoming a member of Safer Highways email

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