New delivery partner plan for £6.8bn Lower Thames Crossing

Highways England is preparing to start market engagement talks to find a delivery partner for the £6.8bn Lower Thames Crossing tunnel project.

It has re-cast procurement plans and is now seeking a delivery partner, superseding previous plans to appoint an Early Works Delivery Manager for the project.

The company said it had taken lessons from the Thames Tideway and Crossrail projects, and would procure a delivery partner to create an integrated client team alongside its core Highways England team and technical partner.

Under a £275m contract, the delivery partner would support the successful integration of the planned three main works contracts.

The delivery partner would also offer additional leadership resource with considerable experience and expertise in delivering complex construction projects to enhance the capability and capacity of the client team.

It would be on-board through the full project life-cycle from procurement and mobilisation of three main works contractors, construction delivery, through commissioning into operation.

A market engagement pack containing further details regarding scope will be released via the Bravo portal in the middle of February with 1-2-1 sessions taking place in early/mid March.

A formal invitation to tender will be published on 1 June.

For further details email Highways England.

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