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Navtech joins Smart Mobility Living Lab

What is the Smart Mobility Living Lab?

Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) is a London-based real-world connected environment for testing and developing future transport and mobility solutions. The locations of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford provide a complex public testing environment, capable of demonstrating and evaluating the use, performance, safety and benefits of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology and future transport services, in a representative and technologically challenging city environment.

Why is Navtech involved?

We know that as autonomous vehicles move closer to being a reality on our roads the network infrastructure will need to be adapted. We joined the SMLL innovation community to understand the projects that are already underway looking at CAV interaction with infrastructure and explore how our radar technology can help meet the challenge. Navtech are well placed to address CAV needs both as part of the infrastructure and as an on-vehicle sensor. We have already taken part in a workshop on 5G that has highlighted the potential for our sensor as part of infrastructure-to-vehicle communications. We also aim to make one of our high-performance radars available for CAV manufacturers to get data from as part of the SMLL connected environment.

What is different that Navtech can bring to the SMLL community?

Our radars, deployed as part of our ClearWay Intelligent Transport Systems solution, are class-leading in terms of the information they provide about the surrounding environment. One of the challenges faced by connected autonomous vehicles is the ability to understand the complex, changing environment around them in all conditions. We specialise in providing accurate data that is unaffected by light and weather conditions for mission critical applications, so there really is a natural opportunity to solve a major problem.

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