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National Highways launch hidden disabilities sunflower to indicate a motorist may need extra help

Government owned company launches initiative to show traffic officers and other road users that motorists may need additional help in the event of a breakdown.

As we strive for a more inclusive roads network, yesterday marked another step forward on the journey with National Highways announcing an agreement with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to create a sunflower which can displayed in the vehicle of motorists who may require additional help or indeed a little more patience and understanding in the event of a breakdown or incident.

Designed principally with the Traffic Officer service in mind the Sunflower indicates that somebody wishing the vehicle may be in need of additional support or help should they break down or need assistance on either a motorway or major A-road in England.

Commenting on the initiative a spokesperson from Hidden Disabilities said,

"We've teamed up with National Highways who manage England's motorways and major A-Roads ti create a free sunflower for your vehicle.

"This sunflower discretely indicates that you, or someone in your vehicle, has an impairment and may need additional support.

"In many ways someone's impairment is always invisible when they are invisible. "

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