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MyMobileWorkers | Helping Highways Businesses Improve Their Near Miss Reporting

MyMobileWorkers has announced the launch of its new digital near miss and actions register. Reporting near misses digitally, in real-time via the MyMobileWorkers app can help highways businesses prevent a potentially dangerous situation from occurring again with more serious outcomes.

MyMobileWorkers allows field workers the option to submit their near miss reports anonymously and for subsequent anonymous investigations to be carried out. Offering anonymity will make workers more likely to report incidents as they won’t get themselves (or their colleagues) into trouble. Anonymous reporting can be activated easily within the MyMobileWorkers portal by office staff in line with company policy.

The near miss and action register is designed to support safety management best practice. It enables safety auditors to clearly understand how a business deals with near misses — giving them the ability to view the entire process from initial report creation to resolution.

The form is easily accessible via a button on the MyMobileWorkers app, making it easy for operatives to submit reports instantly regardless of location or internet signal. It also offers the option to record the exact incident location by pinpointing it on a digital map — saving users the time and effort of typing out the location.

Once submitted, all reports are stored in a dedicated section on the MyMobileWorkers portal, enabling companies to keep accurate records and analyse near miss trends. Office staff can also assign a team member to investigate the near miss and put measures in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Once resolved, the incident can be marked as complete, and the case closed.

Tony Milford

“The new near miss and actions register feature in MyMobileWorkers makes it easier for workers in the field to report incidents on their device as soon as they happen,” comments Tony Milford, Managing Director for MyMobileWorkers.“This addresses a major need within the industry as highways businesses have traditionally struggled to educate staff about the importance of filling them out accurately and on time. Until recently, operatives had no choice but to complete near miss reports on paper forms and hand them in when next in the office. However, the reality is that, under these circumstances, near miss forms are usually completed a few days after the event and submitted at a much later date — and then, all too often, no one is assigned to investigate the incident.”

He concludes: “We developed MyMobileWorkers new near miss and actions register feature in response to this issue and because of the desire by one of the UK’s leading highways service providers to encourage more near miss form submissions. It’s a move that indicates a continued drive to promote safety management, a desire to see safety-related forms completed promptly, and for potentially hazardous scenarios to be thoroughly investigated before they can occur again.”

To learn more about MyMobileWorkers, please visit:

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