My Journey with Covid-19.

As a private person, I have thought long and hard about writing this post, however after the easing of lockdown restrictions in England, and what I perceive as people taking more risks as a result, I feel now is the time to share my experiences of Covid, in the hopes that someone will benefit, and perhaps even take the virus as serious as it should be. 

11 weeks ago, for personal reasons, I made the decision not to leave the house. My wife had to continue to attend work, and my kids therefor attended childcare. 4 weeks later, despite not leaving the house, and taking extremely strict precautions at home, I started to find it increasingly difficult to breath.

Even with having Asthma, I had not experienced a sensation like this, and after 4 days of managing it, I had developed multiple other symptoms (No cough), so made the call to my GP. After speaking to the doctors, and being diagnosed with Covid, I went into isolation. This is where it really got hard. Being stuck in 1 room for 168 hours wasn’t pleasant, but by far the hardest part, was seeing the concern on my kid’s faces. I was breathless to the point of not being able to speak. I was forced to spend most of my time lying on my front (this is to ease breathing). I had a headache like never before. I ached, from head to toe, and I was completely dependent on someone who somehow was also managing 2 little ones.

Despite trying our best to play down the seriousness of what was going on, the kids were aware of what was going on. Their dad who was always playing games, chasing, tickling, and spending time with them, was now not allowed near them, and wasn’t able to talk to them.

After a couple of weeks of managing at home, I started to feel like I was starting to make a recovery. I felt stronger, my breathing was easier, I was able to chat – and I even returned to work (On my decision before any Anti-Amazon person tries to spin this). However, on the second day back in work (sat at the desk at home) it hit me like a brick wall, traveling on a freight train, going downhill, at Mach 10. It barely struck 11:00 and I was back in bed. I didn’t wake up until 09:00 2 days later. The day after this, the weakness started again, followed quickly by the breathlessness. It felt like I was buried under that freight train (which was carrying Blue whales did I mention).

Luckily I live 200 meters from my GP, who recommended I went in for a face to face (through glass) consultation. Upon arriving, the GP took my SATS. Expecting to just be told ‘all is fine, just rest at home’, the GP rang and said my SATS were at 81%, and they had just called an ambulance.

The Road to ‘recovery’ was strange. It felt like i was taking 2 steps forward, and immediately 1 step back. One day I felt my breathing was easing, I had more energy, and I was talking. The next, I was back to panting away, sleeping non-stop, and unable to talk. Cut forward to 7.5 weeks after onset of Symptoms and I am still off-work. I am still getting breathless. I have to choose between showering and using up energy I know I don’t have, or smelling (great timing, hot weather!). Thankfully my eldest favourite saying at present is “that smells amazing” – so I have taken to pretending he’s saying it to me. I am still extremely weak (I managed a 15-minute walk 4 days ago after feeling ok, and have been horizontal since). I am going dizzy with tiredness, even though I have had a good, solid 12 hours sleep, and naps in the day. I still have those horrendous headaches, that nothing helps with; weakness to the point I struggle to hold the phone up to my ear, and even when I have the energy to make it downstairs, have to say no to the kids who just want to play with their dad.

This is just a brief overview of all of the things I have, and still experiencing, more than 7 weeks on; AND… I am one of the lucky ones. I didn’t need a ventilator! I made it out of hospital. I am able to at least see my Family at home.

So, for anyone who happens to read this, and thinks this virus isn’t anything to worry about. Please, re-think!

Remember. We are dealing with a virus never seen before. Best case scenario is that those in charge are making an educated guess on what is the best course of action. We have no manual for how to respond. We don’t know what’s going to happen, whether easing of lockdown was too early etc.

To end on a positive note. Amazon have been (always have) amazing. I have never known a company that cares so much. Take a look at all the open positions, we’d love to have you! & My Wife is a rockstar.

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