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'Much needed' work starts on £2.5m safety improvements for 'racetrack' Nottingham road

Work continues on 'much needed' safety improvements for the busy Derby Road in Lenton in the wake of a number of fatal collisions.

The £2.5m programme started in January with a number of measures designed to calm traffic and make it easier, and safer, for pedestrians and cyclists to cross.

Various improvements are in the pipeline for the stretch between Balfour Road and Lenton Boulevard.

Under the plan, two existing crossings will be be turned into Toucan crossings.

And a brand new Toucan crossing will be installed, too.

Three central refuges will also be widened to make crossing the road easier, with additional improvements to provide better crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Speed cameras will also be introduced between Canning Circus and Lenton Boulevard.

Some people in the area described Derby Road as a "racetrack" - and they have welcomed the measures.

Retired Jane Ellis, who is a local resident, said: "I think that the cameras are very much needed on this street, because drivers tend to use the street as a racetrack.

"Sure the roadworks have been a slight inconvenience - but if it makes this road safer it is worth it.

"Anything that adds to calming traffic in the area is good."

The 66-year-old added: "The only thing I do not understand is the cycle lanes - I do not see why cyclists would ride up on this killing hill anyway."

Josh Davies, a fourth year student at the University of Nottingham, was reassured by the safety measures.

The 21-year-old, who lives locally, added: "I think it is quite a busy road and the traffic can be quite hectic sometimes.

"So I think it is great that they are doing something about it."

The chairwoman of the Lenton Drive and Neighbours Residents' Association, Kate Loewenthal, said there was a definite need for more CCTV cameras.

Ms Loewenthal, who lives near Derby Road where roadworks are ongoing, added: "I just want to thank the workers because they have been so helpful and polite.

"They kept us informed and communicated with us."

The works are expected to finish at the end of March.

The improvements come after several fatal crashes on the road in recent years.

William Christmas, a first year student at the University of Nottingham, died at the scene of a collision in Derby Road during the early hours of March 19, 2020.

A city council spokesperson said: “We carried out a comprehensive public consultation last year prior to these improvement works starting. The £2.5m project is designed to provide better crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, plus improved bus stop infrastructure, as well as altering the road layout around the supermarket car park.

“It is being funded through Transforming Cities grants and the Active Travel Fund, which the Government says must be spent on measures to make walking and cycling easier as part of a wider ‘green’ recovery from the pandemic.

“We understand there will be some inevitable disruption for residents and road users during this time, and we ask people to bear with us while we make these important improvements.”

A spokesperson for the University of Nottingham added: “We welcome the new safety measures being implemented and are confident that they will improve the safety of road users and pedestrians across the community.”

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