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Mips become latest member of the Safer Highways family

We are delighted to announce Mips as our newest member of Safer Highways.

Mips, a world-leading helmet-based safety technology company, understands that head protection probably has one of the highest wearer compliance rates (within the UK at least).

However, despite high compliance and usage rates, there still remains some key unmet needs, offering scope for improvement. Head protection is required in numerous occupations across various industries; however, features and standards required for head protection vary significantly by application and user preference. Therefore, manufacturers of head protection are required to offer different product variants to meet the demands of various applications and environments. Whilst compliance is high, the knowledge of the correct products by application is still low, and without adequate training and education, we risk making key specification adjustments. This is evidenced through continuous research which highlights that head protection is at risk of commoditising. The phrase “a helmet is just a helmet isn’t it mate” is used way too often in the UK, demonstrating that companies often default to the lowest cost solution, so long as it hits the standard. Indeed, the standards that govern head protection (EN 397) were written in the 1995, and adopted from ISO3873 in 1977, since then the modern working environment and available materials have changed significantly.

We are starting to see enhanced levels of innovation in head protection – new materials, more demanding standards (like EN 12492, EN 14052), increased number of patented features and accessories. This will not alone eliminate the risks and accidents and is why after 25 years of research the Mips Safety System has been designed to help address rotational motion to the head. The low-friction layer inside the helmet allows multi-directional movement of 10-15mm on certain angled impacts, intended to help reduce rotational force to the head.

Mips says ‘’ We are very proud to have taken this positive step to become part of Safer Highways. We very much look forward to being able to work more closely and collaboratively with Safer Highways to further raise awareness of brain/head injury. Our mission is leading the world to safer helmets so we can make a difference and create an even healthier and safer work environment for all.”

Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways, added: “I am very pleased that Mips is the latest company in the highways safety sector to join the Safer Highways collective.”

"Only through effective collaboration between Client, Contractor and Manufacturer will we see improvement and that can only be done through effective communications channels."

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