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Milestone Infrastructure delivers easier, safer commutes with carriageway widening project

Milestone Infrastructure used innovative technology and new sustainable methods to help ensure easier, safer commutes for the people of Peterborough.

Working with its clients, Peterborough City Council and the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, Milestone has completed carriageway widening works on the A1260 at Nene Parkway. The carriageway widening project aimed to ensure ease of use for road users, as demand on the junction increased due to new opportunities for housing and jobs in the city.

The project was developed by Milestone from the first stages, with its transport planning team developing the business case and its design team working to deliver the full design package, which included streetlighting, structures and highways. The work was then undertaken by a Milestone delivery team.

The project saw the trial and successive use of the 50T Kobelco, a large sized excavator, engineered for maximum capacity and maximum efficiency, and used to move significant amounts of material. The use of the 50T Kobelco marked the first use of this innovative piece of equipment by Milestone.

The 50T Kobelco is ideal for working in a variety of locations due to its size and capacity, as well as being highly fuel efficient, reliable, and quiet to operate. The 50T Kobelco enabled the piling works to be carried out despite working space being restricted. Instead of building large piling platforms at the point of the boring works, with the use of the 50T Kobelco just one platform was needed.

Weatherline Plus, a new high performance, high visibility, sustainable road marking was also used on the project. Weatherline Plus delivers significant environmental gains, reducing the amount of embedded carbon by 73%, as it uses a biogenic alternative to hydrocarbon resin binder. While cutting carbon, Weatherline Plus also has a dotted profile, enhancing visibility on roads, especially in wet, dark conditions.

Alongside the carriageway widening works, the project saw the demolition of the Longthorpe footbridge and the creation of a new, wider steel bridge, which the team was challenged with installing in a 48-hour period.

Speaking on the completion of the bridge, Scott Blackburn, Project Manager on the contract, said: “The completion of the Junction 15 Longthorpe Footbridge is a tremendous achievement for our projects team in Peterborough. This could only be achieved with excellent collaboration from our internal colleagues on the Peterborough TM Contract and our supply chain. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work to deliver the project on programme.”

The Junction 15 project, which marks Milestone’s largest value major project delivered to the contract so far, was delivered on time and received compliments from the local councillors and the city Mayor.

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