Meon | The Worlds Smallest and Most Versatile Jet Turbine Dryer Just Got Better

The highly anticipated HammerJet turbine dryer has now arrived! The HammerJet is truly a game changer, bringing an incredible level of innovation into the industry.

This surface dryer is a lot safer than traditional methods as it uses forced hot air through a turbine with no naked flames, and is powered by a clean and safe fuel, the JetPower X700.

The HammerJet can dry surfaces up to 200mm wide at speeds of 2.5km/h, with this exceptional performance packed into a small, versatile machine which is very easy to transport between jobs or sites, and weighs in at just 23kg which is within manual handling regulations.

Charles Spencer, Meon Ltd, commented: “Our consistent focus on effective solutions for companies with a need for drying and cleaning of outdoor surfaces drives us towards Zirocco’s technology innovation products, based on micro gas turbines”.


For more information or to request a full demonstration please contact Meon on 02392 200 606, or visit:

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