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Man confronts Just Stop Oil protestors blocking roads in biggest EVER slow-march demo

Roads and bridges were blocked on Monday as around 200 Just Stop Oil protestors marched down the streets of London once more

Dramatic footage shows a pedestrian confronting environmental activists as more than a dozen roads were blocked in the capital during a protest.

Just Stop Oil members took to the streets of London on Monday as chaos ensued yet again in the huge slow-marching demonstration.

It was thought that around 200 people took part across road and bridges in the city.

Some were holding bright orange banners as they marched and all appeared to be wearing hi-vis jackets.

In the video, a man in a white t-shirt walking down Marylebone Road appears to have had enough and begins to grab some of the protestors.

He attempts to push and and pull them out of the way of moving traffic so that vehicles can drive down the road.

Today's is the latest in a series of recent protests by Just Stop Oil.

On Friday The Last Leg presenters had an epic reaction to a team of Just Stop Oil protestors who interrupted the live recording of the Channel 4 show.

While on the same day protestors ran on to the stage during the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

The activists unfurled an orange banner and attempted to address the audience before they were removed from the stage.

A video shared on social media by the group - which is calling on the government to commit to ending new fossil fuel licensing and production - shows the protestors being booed as they were dragged away by security staff.

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