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Londonderry road upgrade plans paused by DfI

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) has paused plans to upgrade the Buncrana Road in Londonderry.

It had been proposed the 2.5 mile (4.1km) road would be expanded from two lanes to four lanes with more crossings and a park and ride facility.

The DfI said it is "fully committed to progressing the scheme" but plans have been paused to allow a new Regional Transport Strategy to be developed.

Officials said it will let them consider future transport plans.

The DfI said given the importance of the scheme it is critical that the final design "fully aligns with the emerging transport, land use and climate change policies and plans".

Some retailers on the road had previously voiced opposition to the upgrade plans.

Retail NI said local traders were concerned that the plans would "restrict passing trade to local businesses" and could potentially put more than 300 retail jobs at risk.

The DfI said the aims of the scheme are to improve road safety, reduce traffic congestion, include enhanced pedestrian and cyclist provision as well as enhancing public transport along the route.

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