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Lincolnshire village gets speed cameras as part of £3m safety scheme

A Lincolnshire community has said they are relieved after installation of speed cameras on a "dangerous road."

Average speed check cameras have been installed on the A631 next to Willingham Woods in Market Rasen as part of £3m road safety funding.

Residents said hundreds of bikers often gathered at the woods and drove around the local area.

Lincolnshire's Road Safety Partnership said the cameras were needed on the "high risk" road.

Simon Outen-Coe from the Road Safety Partnership said the route was linked to "high numbers of incidents leading to serious injuries".

"This is about keeping our community safe, it is about reducing those killed on our roads," he added.

Mr Outen-Coe said the cameras were not meant to deter bikers from gathering.

"I am a motorcyclist myself, I regularly come here, and I can enjoy the roads of Lincolnshire without breaking speed limits," he said.

"I do not need to go out there and go up and down these roads at high speed."

Elizabeth Manterfield, 32, who lives in North Willingham, said the cameras made her feel safer.

She said drivers regularly sped past her house, and she had seen collisions on the A631, which runs through the village.

"One time a biker had to ditch their bike because they had come round the corner too quickly and nearly hit the back of another vehicle," she said.

"The road just didn't feel safe. It feels safer now with the cameras and it does seem to have slowed everyone down a bit."

Jane Henderson,who works in a café said she often sees motorbikes along the route

Jane Henderson, 54, has worked at the café at Willingham Woods for more than 20 years and often sees motorbikes gathering at the site.

Ms Henderson said she hoped the cameras would make a difference.

"We just want drivers to drive safely, we want to see them for years and years to come," she said.

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