Lincoln Eastern Bypass set to open before Christmas

The Lincoln Eastern Bypass is set to open before Christmas this year.

Five miles long, the Eastern Bypass will connect with the existing Northern Relief Road and has become the next step in creating a complete ring road around the city, bringing traffic from Wragby Road, across the River Witham, past Washingborough, Canwick, Bracebridge Health and round to the A15.

The bypass, built by Safer Highways member Galliford Try, is also incorporating six miles of walking and cycling paths along the entire route, and pedestrians can see new bridges and an underpass for those travelling on foot, bike or on horse. Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “Not only will the new bypass make traveling around the Lincoln area easier for cars and lorries, but we’re also improving cycling and walking links as part of the project. “When the road opens later this month, we’ll also be opening nearly five miles of new, 3m wide shared footway and cycleway along the entire route. “This is in addition to an extra mile of new links to areas like Heighington Road and Bloxholm Lane. “We’ve also built a new underpass at Lincoln Road and four new pedestrian/cycle bridges as part of this massive scheme.” The new bypass was designed to minimise traffic throughout the city and reduce the number of vehicles traveling through Lincoln, with hopes of enhancing the inner-city environment by lowering carbon emissions and improving noise and air quality. The £120 million project began with the planning permission submitted back in 2012, and was set to be completed by Spring 2020 but was pushed back to December due to the pandemic. Click Here to find out more.

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