Komatsu working on a concept autonomous water truck

Komatsu working on a concept autonomous water truck.

Komatsu has been trialling an autonomous water truck, based on its proven Autonomous Haulage System (AHS). In development at the moment, the vehicle is planned to be commercially availability in 2022.

The technology on the concept HD785-7 truck autonomously controls both the truck’s movement and water disbursement through the same platform.

Komatsu is working to introduce the HD785-based water truck as a commercial offering in 2022 to help enhance safety and productivity in mines.

Komatsu’s AHS enables the water truck to travel autonomously on a pre-defined haul road and work cooperatively with other autonomous trucks and staffed equipment.

The system controls the amount of water disbursed, according to the vehicle speed and haul road inclination, and also manages the watering history to avoid overwatering.

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