Just 10 days left to complete Thriving at Work Mental Health Survey

There are now just 10 days left to complete this year's Annual Mental Health Survey, with the closing date for submissions being the 29th October.

Last year we sampled the 250 of the biggest organisations who work, not only on the strategic road network, but also who serve to maintain our local roads to establish where we, as a sector, sit against the government’s Thriving at Work report - published in 2017.

This year we have widened our ambitions even further to produce a report which is true;y representative of where we, as a sector sit against government standards.

One of the key things we, as a collective, wanted to achieve from this years survey was an instant improvement plan for all organisations taking part.

This has been developed in collaboration with our partners at Mind and, we hope, will provide an opportunity for organisations to begin the process of effecting real change around mental health instantaneously and not months down the line.

What this effectively means is that within seconds of completing the survey and adding your contact details you will be emailed a comprehensive report which can be presented right unto board level as to how you, as an organisation can effect real organisational change.

We ask that you are please as candid as you can possibly be so that we can produce a true, reflective picture around mental health across the whole of the infrastructure sector and not just in the “Highways Bubble.”

We hope, in some way, that this will contribute to a continuous improvement in not only awareness but also organisations approach to workplace mental health.

Together we can make a difference, increase education and support our people.

Please Click on the Link here and complete the survey

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