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Jointline secured new scheme delivery framework contract for National Highways

Jointline were selected from multiple bidders to provide line marking and road stud installation and maintenance in the North East of England.

National Highways’ acting executive director for operations, Duncan Smith, said: “This marks the start of a new way to keep the country's motorways and major A-roads in top condition by delivering the largest and most comprehensive renewals programme we have ever embarked on”.

Jointline are proud to continue to provide their exemplary service to National Highways and working with their newly nominated delivery partners. Mark Garrad, Jointline General Manager, added: ‘’It’s great to continue our collaborative relationship with both Areas 12 & 14, on the SDF contract for National Highways. We’re looking forward to making a start on the new format and are eager to get started with delivering schemes over the next 6 years. We will embrace the collaborative working model to deliver renewals and improvements, safely, for our customers and stakeholders. Over the contract period we will achieve our common objectives and bring innovation and learning to the table in a shared, honest, and creative atmosphere.’’

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