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James Haluch – Why I am HONOURED to be a judge of the Highways HEROES awards

All too often the efforts of our colleagues we put to work on the public highway go totally unrecognised.

Non more so than during the Covid-19 pandemic when our people have selflessly gone about their daily work

The national crisis has quite rightly has overtaken our agenda and the actions of these individuals that went the extra mile have gone largely unnoticed and certainly not received the industry wide acclaim they deserve.

The highways HEROES awards seeks to change this and as such it fills me with immense pride that I am being asked to be one of those industry leads who are tasked with actually bringing to the fore the achievements of our unsung heroes.

Many of those tasks will be something which our colleagues consider to be just a part of their daily role but those random acts of human kindness are far from that.

They make a difference; whether that be to a fellow workmate through simply asking “are you ok” at a time when we see one of our own is struggling or alternatively doing a selfless act as a team which delivers immeasurable benefit to a local community.

Acts of kindness and a selfless attitude from an individual who puts the wellbeing of others above themselves deserves recognition and indeed an accolade from their peers.

This is why, as an industry we must get behind and support the highways HEROES awards to give our people the praise they deserve.

Safer Highways have always pushed the envelope in how they provide support for those we put to work on the public highway and these awards represent just the latest iteration of this.

I strongly urge any organisation who values its people or indeed has an individual who they feel needs to be singled out for special recognition to enter. This will not win a contract or indeed be a social value case study, it is just the right thing to do and something one of our own may treasure for a long time to come.

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