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Jacobs to Provide Strategic Planning and Advisory Services to Ireland’s National Transport Authority

Jacobs has been awarded a contract to provide strategic planning and advisory services to Ireland’s National Transport Authority (NTA) as it develops and implements high quality, sustainable, accessible transport infrastructure and services across the nation.

The NTA has re-appointed Jacobs to provide strategic support with the development of transport strategies, urban centre, local transport and other area-based development plans. Jacobs will also support with policy and guidance, and general town planning matters.

The appointment builds upon Jacobs’ long-standing relationship with the NTA providing vital strategic transport plans and studies. The NTA estimates the new contract duration to be approximately 3-4 years.

"We’re harnessing our strategic advisory and digital capabilities to drive innovation and help clients like the NTA create intelligent, responsive and efficient transportation systems tailored to users’ needs," said Jacobs Senior Vice President Kate Kenny. "Our continued collaboration with the NTA reflects our shared commitment to shaping a future where sustainable, accessible transportation connects people and communities to opportunities."

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