Jacobs’ Launches HSE in Design program (5 in de5ign)

Jacobs’ HSE in Design program (5 in de5ign) has been rapidly growing over the past year, and includes best practice guidance, training packages, de5ign champions, trial projects, governance, and communities of practice.

BeyondZero® by definition, de5ign aims to go beyond the accepted to create high value, safer and healthier solutions for a more connected sustainable world and;

…provides more predictable outcomes in cost, quality and programme through avoidance of re-work, additional design work and safety issues during construction.

...increases client satisfaction through value solutions which reduce capital and operational costs while protecting the health and wellbeing of workers.

...protects Jacobs and our designers through avoidance of design related accidents and incidents.

Watch the explainer video

Over the next 8 weeks, Jacobs will be running a social media campaign, with the objectives of;

• Raise awareness and increase engagement with de5ign – not only amongst employees, but also with clients, stakeholders and peers;

• Empower our designers to reinvent a safer tomorrow through de5ign principles and share their success to drive the initiative;

Be sure to share our de5ign campaign launching June 18, 2021 on Jacobs LinkedIn andInstagram Stories!

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