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Introducing Green Laces | Our Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Programme

Safer Highways launch new Mental Health and Suicide Prevention programme

Ahead of this year's world suicide prevention day on Sunday (10th September), Safer Highways are delighted to finally be able to announce their revamped Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Programme, entitled Green Laces.

Green Laces is designed to equip employers with tools, such as suicide prevention training, to effectively manage mental health in the work environment.

Green Laces is an infrastructure wide programme developed by the Safer Highways Health and Wellbeing Taskforce. As a whole, the programme intends to bring the industry together through sharing innovation to create a positive workplace environment for our employees. ​The model offers guidance, direction, training and awareness through the provision of framework, which outlines four strategic components, supported by free resources. These are available on a designated portal which will also play host to our unique benchmarking toolkit.

Incorporating previous tools such as an incorporated Benchmarking tool for employers, the only one of its kind which offers a free gap analysis report for the organisation within seconds of the completion of the survey, a tailored, industry specific suicide prevention course developed in partnership with Samaritans and many other resources, the programme has been designed to enable organisations both large and small to adequately fulfil their duty of care around workplace provision of support for mental health.

Speaking about the launch of the programme and the increased ficus which Safer Highways is placing again on mental health and suicide prevention, Elena Pollard, Programme Lead for Green Laces said,

"Poor mental health and indeed even suicide is something which affects a vast number of those working within our industry and indeed also touches us outside of the workplace.

"The frightening statistic is that ten times more people in our industry will die from suicide than from a physical injury and that construction industry occupational health groups regularly rank suicide as 1st in its biggest risks to the workforce.

"We also know that for every pound invested in workplace mental health interventions, the average return on that investment was in excess of quadruple the amount."

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