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Innovative cone laying vehicle is star of TV show for next generation of road users

Children and their parents can learn all about a pioneering automated cone laying vehicle when it features on TV’s Grace’s Amazing Machines later today (Monday 25 April).

Developed by National Highways and a team of industry experts, the automated cone-laying vehicle is operated solely by the driver and eliminates the need for roadworkers to do the job from the back of a truck.

BBC producers were so impressed with the vehicle that they asked if it could be featured in series 5 of Grace’s Amazing Machines. The popular programme hopes to inspire and educate young people to be the engineers and scientists of the future.

During filming, presenter Grace Webb took to the driving seat to show her young viewers how the vehicle works and explain the role that it takes.

The episode featuring the automated cone laying vehicle will be screened on CBeebies at 4.15pm today and will also be available on iPlayer.

The Falcon automated cone laying vehicle has been developed by Highway Care and is now available in the marketplace. A second vehicle is being developed by King Highway Products and is currently undergoing testing.

Traditionally, two people manually lift and drop the cones from the back of a truck in almost all weathers and next to fast-moving traffic. The automated cone-laying vehicle eliminates the need for roadworkers to do the job from the back of a truck.

Not only does the vehicle help to keep workers safe but it also frees up people to carry out other tasks.

National Highways, Kier, HW Martin Traffic Management and competitors Highway Care and King Highway Products are working together in a collaborative effort to resolve the potential safety risk that cone laying represents.

National Highways Head of Lean and Continuous Improvement Martin Bolt, who oversees the project, said:

“The development of the automated cone laying vehicle has been a huge stride forward in protecting the safety of road workers and we are incredibly proud of this innovation.

“So we were delighted to be asked to share this success with an entirely new audience on CBeebies and will hopefully inspire the next generation of engineers and road workers.”

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