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Highways lauds two awards Heroes

Galliford Try’s Helen Nurrish and Mark Roberts have both been celebrated by the Highways Heroes awards at their latest ceremony in London.

The Highways Heroes awards are an industry-led event that seeks to recognise individuals for a significant personal impact and achievement in making the sector a safer and better place to work.

Helen, who works as an Employability and Skills Manager for Galliford Try Highways, was acknowledged for her fantastic work with ex-offenders, partnering with local prisons to provide a pathway for young people to have a second chance in construction.

In particular, Helen has worked hard within the business units she works with to reduce the stigma around ex-offenders and remove barriers to entry to the industry.

Health and Safety Advisor Mark Roberts, who previously served in the Army, was nominated for a series of talks he has undertaken at Galliford Try, opening up on the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that he suffered from his experiences in Afghanistan.

Mark has been spearheading a drive to spark discussions around mental health issues within teams at the M56 project, explaining to colleagues how to spot the signs of colleagues under pressure and how the team can support one another with these issues.

David Lowery, Managing Director for Galliford Try’s Highways business, commented: “To have not one but two winners at these awards is a fantastic boost for all our team. Helen and Mark have done exceptional work in our business, helping others and supporting their colleagues. I congratulate them for this achievement and thank them for their efforts, and hope that this recognition inspires our teams to go the extra mile in the future.”

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