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Highways Heroes table sales open next Monday

Table sales for the National Highways supported Highways Heroes awards to open next Monday (4th October) at 9am.

Safer Highways are pleased to announce table sales for the National Highways supported, industry-wide Highways Heroes Awards will commence at 9am on Monday 4th October.

Organised by Safer Highways, the awards are the first time the supply chain and the client body have come together to recognise the value and importance of those unsung heroes we put to work everyday.

Set up after a time of unprecedented change not only in our industry, but as part of our everyday lives. Safer Highways believes this is the ideal time to celebrate the hard work and success of our workers, who have coped admirably in the face of adversity, to recognise the heroic actions of them which, until now, has gone unnoticed.

In order to make the process of table allocation fair and just Safer Highways have prioritised reservations to those organisations who have shortlisted individuals, in order that they can show their support for their colleagues, what will follow next week will be the extremely limited sale (due to covid restrictions) of any remaining tables to industry.

Speaking about the launch of sales Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways said,

"Already with a remarkably high level of sponsorships and a number of reservations from organisations who wish to support those shortlisted, demand for the final few tables is likely to be high given the fact that the gala ceremony represents one of the only opportunities in the calendar to truly recognise the unsung heroes in our industry.

"With this in mind, we urge any organisations who wish to attend the event on the 2nd December, to be by their keyboards at 9am when sales open and our message to any organisations who have individuals shortlisted is not to wait for the general sale but instead to email to take advantage of the pre-reservation period."

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