Highway Care | Highway care launches the CLAW

With the ever-present threat to pedestrians and gatherings of people from vehicles as and weapon attacks, Highway Care hopes to improve the simplicity and effectiveness of providing protection to these threats with the launch of CLAW, an extensively tested and proven vehicle security barrier.

The CLAW mobile barrier has been tested to IWA-14, with three different vehicles, meaning it truly offers versatile performance, resisting a varied range of attacks.

Highway Care brings the CLAW to the UK market

CLAW is manufactured by Highway Care’s close partners Volkmann & Rossbach in Germany.

Together, the partnership brings this high-performance product to the UK market, where its Drop & Go deployment will help protect those vulnerable to attack, quickly, and without compromise.


Ben Duncker, Commercial Sales Director at Highway Care said:

“V&R are a world-renowned developer and manufacturer of vehicle restraint systems, and one that we have had industry relations with for many years.

“The partnership with them to launch their new CLAW portable surface deployable hostile vehicle mitigation system, in the UK and Ireland, is a great opportunity to capitalise on our many years’ experience involved in HVM portable solutions through the many hundreds of projects we have completed over the last decade to provide a new, innovative way of securing people and places, to protect lives.  We will be working closely with industry and V&R to further enhance CLAW to make it the leading surface deployable HVM available on the market”

Claw will be available for sale or hire direct from Highway Care, please contact or call +44 344 840 0088

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