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We've created a detailed general return to work guide. The framework should enable organisations around the world to develop robust protocols and arrangements, designed to effectively manage the risk of transmission of COVID-19 as far as is reasonably possible within their workplace.

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NEW COVID-19: Assurance Assessment ServiceThe assurance assessment service focuses on 5 elements of business recovery and can help support the stabilisation and future growth of your organisation. The following five factors provide the framework for the consultancy services:

  1. Organisational context and stakeholder profile (risk management)

  2. Operational processes (risk assessment, safe operating procedures, etc)

  3. Health and wellbeing

  4. Stakeholder engagement

  5. Facilities and workplace health and safety (workplace adjustments, etc).

Our technical support includes:

  • Risk assessment reviews

  • Support for workplace procedure development and reviews (including social distancing, health surveillance, workplace control measures, emergency planning, PPE, etc)

  • Health and wellbeing guidance (including mental health factors)

  • Communication and information

  • Leadership and behavioural factors

  • Assurance auditing.

Our help doesn’t stop thereWe can also support you as the guidelines, requirements and stakeholder expectations change to ensure your workplace remains as safe and healthy as is reasonably practicable.Assurance StatementWhether you have already established COVID-19 policies, protocols and workplace controls or you are just getting started, there is considerable benefit in undertaking an independent third-party review (audit) of these arrangements. We can provide such an assurance audit / review against current government and sector guidelines and provide an Assurance Statement, together with a summary report, with recommendations for improved controls if appropriate. This can provide you with external verification of your commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with current national and sector COVID-19 guidelines. To find out more, telephone 020 8600 5553 or email us at

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