Hand Sanitiser - We can help

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Through a long standing relationship with one of our key suppliers, Safer Highways have managed to find a way to be able to supply hand sanitiser to organisations who are struggling to purchase this through usual procurement methods.

This will be available for as long as we are able to maintain supplies and be on a first come, first served basis.

Whilst usually these would be services we would offer preferentially to our membership, at this time we feel it only right to offer the same service to all of our wider community with the aim of ensuring those who are going to work to provide essential services remain as protected as humanly possible. 

The product be sold at cost and be shipped directly from our UK based supplier with payment needing to be made in advance of delivery given that payments will be made directly to our supplier via credit card.

True to our remit, Safer Highways will not be making any profit from this activity and this will simply be done as a service to our community.

Our team will be on hand to deal with enquiries and provide you with costs from 9am although can we please ask that you use the enquiry form below and do not try and call us directly.

As an industry, in times of adversity, we must stand together and in some way I hope this may help.

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