Half of motorists feel anxiety about some part of driving in the dark, according to new research.

A poll of 16,132 licence holders by the AA found that a quarter get nervous driving on unfamiliar roads in the dark.

Another fifth said they feel anxious when driving on unlit roads at night, the survey found.

With the winter months closing in and resulting in far less daylight hours, the findings of the research suggest there are plenty of motorists who will not be enjoying current driving conditions.

Londoners were the most likely to feel nervous on unlit roads, with more than one quarter (29 per cent) saying it was a concern for them.

The third biggest fear about driving in the dark was encountering wild animals on the road in rural areas (17 per cent).

Women were more likely to say they feel nervous in car parks or approaching their car than men (37 per cent of women versus 7 per cent of men).

Overall, 16 per cent of drivers said they avoid getting behind the wheel in the dark when at all possible. Drivers in Scotland were most likely to try to avoid night-time journeys (23 per cent).

The AA published its results as those in England are just over halfway through the second lockdown imposed from 5 November.

The motoring group anticipates that while restaurants and pubs close their doors to patrons for the month there will be a spike in traffic from fast food deliveries after dark.

And latest government figures show that moped and motorbike riders, often employed by pizza chains and fast-food delivery services, are particularly vulnerable road users.

Last year, 19 per cent of road fatalities involved motorcyclists despite accounting for only 0.8 per cent of motor vehicle traffic.

Sarah Rees, AA Driving School managing director said: ‘With the start of England’s lockdown all drivers need to be aware that with pubs and restaurants closed for eating-in, there is likely to be an increase in fast food deliveries after dark and the weather and light conditions could be a challenge for inexperienced drivers.

‘If you are among those who feel nervous about driving after dark it can be very isolating.

‘Avoiding driving in the dark can be so restrictive in the wintertime, especially if you stop going out altogether.

‘It’s important to make sure that you feel comfortable driving in all weather and light conditions and there’s no shame in taking an extra driving lesson after lockdown to increase your confidence.’

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