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Ground Control becomes a member of Safer Highways

We are pleased to confirm that Ground Control has officially become a member of Safer Highways; “a beacon of best practice for the good management of all health, safety and wellbeing issues, and that other sectors look to us as leaders in this field”

Safer Highways and Ground Control share aligned views that managing the safety risks surrounding construction and maintenance is already challenging but adding the additional risks of high-speed traffic and potentially abusive road users to the mix means we must do even more to look after our people.

Ground Control’s Initiatives and involvement include:

  • Mental Health Online Summit – The online Summit equipped industry leaders of organisations, irrespective of their size, with the tools to effectively manage issues around poor workplace mental health and stress by allowing them to effectively engage with experts.

  • Stamp it out campaign – The highways industry-backed task force driving to eliminate abuse and incursions into closures on the road networks

Angelina Sooren – HSQE Director of Ground Control Ltd. comments, “At Ground Control we value each other. Our 3 core commitments are to:

  • Health and Safety – we care for our people and want everyone to go home safe and healthy at the end of each day

  • Quality – we care for our customers and want to deliver best-in-class services through establishing long term and trusting partnerships

  • Environment – We care for our environment and want to make a positive and sustainable impact wherever we work. Read more about our sustainability commitments here

The successful delivery of our work relies on the integration of health, safety, environmental and quality excellence within everything we do and aligning with those in the industry who are also committed to making a difference.

Joining Safer Highways will allow us to share what we learn with the wider sector and use this invaluable platform to entrench the very best practices into business as usual. We want all road workers to go home safe and well, and are excited to contribute to the fantastic work already being delivered by our peers and stakeholders to enable this.”

Welcoming Ground Control into membership, Safer Highways CEO, Kevin Robinson had the following words,

"This membership journey started out with an outreach to Sam Ratcliffe, Quality Manager at Ground Control, about how we could collaborate and utilise the viewpoint of an organisation who were not a tier 1 contractor to further our aims of making best practice around Health, Safety and Wellbeing accessible to specialist contractors.

"Very quickly it became apparent, as with all of our member companies that, despite varied job functions, we all shared a common goal of making the workplace a safer and more inclusive environment for the men and women we put to work.

"What started with a simple phone call soon developed into Sam expressing a wish to get more involved and indeed for the organisation to become members and as such here we are just a few weeks later.

"Already through Sam's can-do attitude the company are taking an active role in some of our more prominent campaigns and we have already seen a willingness to help us to develop further outreach programmes around sustainability as we look to further our reach and support for industry.

"I look forward to a close working relationship with Angela, Sam and the rest of the brilliant team at Ground Control and a long and fruitful partnership."

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