Greener Highways | New organisation recognising companies investing in sustainability

The next economic revolution has begun, The Sustainability Revolution. Sustainable investing will generate long term returns and grow our futures perpetuity.

Greener Highways will be launching this month to recognise those companies investing in environmental change.

As part of a huge highways community, Greener Highways has seen the environmental impact of the sectors business activities and realise that companies need to address increasingly serious environmental problems, such as climate change, resource depletion, carbon footprints, and plastic pollution.

Supporting Environmental Dedication

To accelerate the industry’s efforts towards the long-term environmental vision, Greener Highways have created this platform to promote the values, goals and investment that its members have invested in.

Not only will It promote all members and their dedication, but it will also focus to share and educate the industry with news on sustainability and environmental impacts.

Aiming to tackle the climate emergency together by looking at areas such as energy, transport, wildlife and waste. Greener Highways aims to build relationships between businesses to encourage fast changes towards sustainability.

Part of the delivery of this platform will see Greener Highways partnering up with Trusts and donating profits to charities, alongside working with schools nationwide to create awareness of sustainability.

The website aims to go live on the 15th of November 2021.

Anyone who wishes to find out more information or to get involved please contact

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