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Gatwick Airport’s station upgrade enters into service

Costain, the infrastructure solutions company, has successfully completed works to ensure today’s entry into service of the upgraded Gatwick Airport station. The four-and-a-half-year construction and refurbishment project began in June 2019 and significantly upgrades the station’s ability to handle growing passenger numbers.

Costain first delivered the planning and design stages and was then appointed to deliver the improvement works. The project has created a safer, more convenient interchange between the station platforms and Gatwick International Airport. The brief included the construction of a new concourse and staff accommodation, as well as carrying out the reconfiguration of railway infrastructure. Costain has also refurbished the existing station concourse and footbridges, enhancing the one-way system between the airport and the station. There are new customer information systems, more ticket gates and significant improvements to accessibility with the installation of eight new escalators and five new lifts.

Costain’s project director, Andy Hudspith, said: “We’re really proud of the work we’ve undertaken for Network Rail to upgrade the station at Gatwick Airport. The project has been complex and challenging, but we’re pleased that our work will enhance the passenger experience and improve journey times for everyone who uses and passes through the airport. The biggest challenge was to achieve the transformation without negatively impacting rail or airport operations, and with minimal impact on passengers, all while working above a live railway line and within the heart of the world’s busiest single runway airport. We’re delighted to have delivered such an important project successfully.”

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