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GAP Group goes Green with Silver award from the Scottish Green Apple Awards

The largest independent hire company in the UK, GAP Hire Solutions, has achieved a Silver Level accolade at the 2021 Scottish Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practise.

The Green Organisation, an independent, international, non-political, non-profit, environment group, hold the awards annually to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practise around the world. The scheme is supported by the Royal Environment Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS).

GAP earned this award through its various environmental activities and low carbon site initiatives, including the Group’s Environmental & Innovative product offering and its carbon emissions tracking telematics system: ‘GAPTrack’.

Through close relationships and continuous work with suppliers, the hire company has a wide and ever-growing range of environmentally friendly products. These are available for hire to customers all over the UK, from plant equipment and vehicles to tools and welfare solutions. GAPTrack is a robust and automated carbon reporting tool which has been installed across GAP’s hire fleet.

This digital fleet management platform allows GAP’s customers to actively monitor, drive and enforce behavioural change with respect to fuel efficiency – ultimately allowing them to achieve carbon emission reductions.

Karen Greenshields, Managing Director Technical and Environmental Services at GAP, commented: “We were delighted to receive news of our successful submission. To achieve the Silver level of the award highlights the hard work that GAP is putting in to really make a difference with regards to climate change by starting at home and focussing on reducing our impact on the environment in every way we can, whilst offering the necessary tools and resources for our customers to do so too.”

GAP is constantly working to reduce its impact on the environment and uses all these capabilities to not only reach its own goal of becoming net zero by 2040 but also to help its customers reach their net zero and environmental targets.

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