Gaist to sponsor Local Highways hub at SHL!ve

Highway technology company and Safer Highways member Gaist has committed to sponsoring the Safer Local Highways Hub at next year’s SH L!ve.

Taking place at the Evolution London in Battersea Park on June 8th and 9th, the hub will host a range of interactive presentations and debate and discussion focused on how public and private are working together to deliver best use of technology and new ways of working to help make the local network safer for those who work on it and travel upon it.

This will be created by organisers Safer Highways collaborating with some of the other leading membership associations such as the Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA, alongside Gaist.

This will bring an emphasis to the importance of promoting health, safety and wellbeing on both the local and strategic networks and also reflects both the growth and range of members that have become part of Safer Highways, as well as the work of the industry in helping create seamless end-to-end journeys that are not only safe but also efficient and effective in the movement of people and goods.

Gaist is well known for providing local authorities and other road operators with accurate and detailed information on road condition to help them make better decisions on treatment methods. Last year the company also launched SafetyView, a modern approach to highway safety inspections. SafetyView, offers comprehensive data capture and display for every safety defect across all inspection routes supporting every decision made with the best data and analysis available. It enables the quick evaluation of safety defects on the network, so that local authorities can prioritise repairs and free up valuable time for their inspectors.

Speaking about supporting the Safer Local Highways Hub, Andrew Loveless, Chief Revenue Officer at Gaist said: 'Gaist is pleased to sponsor the Safer Local Highways Hub at SH L!ve 2022. As we return to normal and build back better the market is now ready to engage in new ways of proactive asset management which both reduce costs and leverage new capabilities. SHL!ve 2022 provides Gaist an excellent platform in which to physically meet current clients and showcase solutions to future customers. On behalf of Gaist we look forward to seeing you at next year’s event.”

Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways added: “My appreciation goes to Gaist for committing to supporting our Safer Local Highways Hub. Here, we aim to bring together and shine a light on the excellent collaborative work between the public and private sector on the local network to help highlight the important work they do keep the network safe and moving, as well as looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of those we put to work on it.”

The hub is one of 14 content hubs at SH L!VE which provides a fusion between content and interactive indoor and outdoor displays and demonstrations of the latest technology, concepts and services in the highways sector and specifically those relating to improving health, safety and wellbeing in the industry. These includes the Morgan Sindall Hazard School, the Skanska Safer Road Users Hub, a keynote theatre, the Top-to-Toe Protection Hub and the Sustainability Hub.

SH L!ve is made up of indoor and outdoor exhibition zones showcasing the latest innovation, products, concepts and services in the sector, alongside several unique feature areas that will bring together the latest insight. It will be one of the first times the industry gets together in the highways industry after a series of cancelled events in 2020-21 due to the on-going pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

The event will bring together directors, managers and operatives working on both the strategic and local networks to help take forward the Safer Highways initiative of creating a safer road network for both road workers and road users.

It remains the only FREE TO ATTEND industry-wide event targeted at those who are responsible for carrying out works on our public highways safely.

Click on the latest floorplan here.

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