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Furious nmcn subbies left holding £60m in unpaid bills

Angry suppliers have been left in the lurch for more than £60m in unpaid bills following the fall into administration of nmcn.

One groundworks specialist owed nearly £50,000 said,

“We have been strung along for months and now we will get nothing.

“The administrator has told us we are unlikely to get anything and that will hit hundreds of firms owed more than £60m.”

Nmcn went into administration earlier this month when a refinancing deal with investor Svella fell through.

Within days Svella acquired nmcn’s telecoms division while Galliford Try snapped-up the water business and Keltbray the infrastructure operation.

The subcontractor added: “It looks like the nmcn management have not suffered but we certainly have.

“I know lots of suppliers like me who were told that everything would be fine and to ignore stories about the company being in trouble.

“They were so convincing that the Thursday before they went down we turned up with a new arctic full of materials for the job then when we arrived on Monday morning we were told the whole company was going into administration.”

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