From Health and Safety Director at HE and mum to Eliza to Account Director at Amey - Lucy Fell

“My career background has been predominately in safety before moving onto Area 10 as Account Director. However, the most challenging role to date is currently being teacher to my four-year-old daughter Eliza!

“I joined the Area 10 team following my role as Health and Safety Director for Highways England. Moving in to an Operations role was a new challenge for me, but the support I’ve received from my mentor and and the transferable skills I’ve gained through roles has meant the transition has been relatively easy. I like the way that Amey recruits to values, it encourages new ideas and challenges the way we do things, therefore creating a more curious culture.

“I’m really enjoying being able to progress my career as well as being a hands-on mum. I don’t have to choose as my job is local and the company is flexible. The support and family-friendly, flexible approach that

Amey has taken during the pandemic has enabled the business to operate ‘as normal’ effectively whilst also allowing me to be both a mum and teacher at home albeit somewhat unsuccessfully - (I’m still getting my head around phonics!) I’ve felt working from home during the pandemic hasn’t been that challenging as we already had the infrastructure in place. The Amey business model has also meant that we could pull in resource from Amey FM to support enhanced cleaning and other activities – Amey is positioned to be agile to the changing circumstances and adapt accordingly.”

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