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Drivers could face ban on turning into busy road

Drivers could be banned from turning into a city centre road under plans to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety.

New rules would forbid motorists accessing Hills Road from Lensfield Road in the centre of Cambridge.

The busy four-way junction, by the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the English Martyrs, is where Hills Road, Lensfield Road, Regent Street and Gonville Place meet.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) said it planned to launch a consultation on the proposed changes in mid-2024.

A previous public consultation held on plans for the Cycling Plus scheme did not include the turning ban.

Restrictions have been suggested as part of a wider scheme to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety in Hills Road.

However, a meeting of the GCP's joint assembly on Monday was told many people had said they did not think the initial proposals went far enough.

The new plans still include improved cycle and pedestrian paths along Hills Road.

But the GCP proposed to ban right turns for vehicles into Hills Road and left turns both out of Hills Road and Regent Street at the Catholic church crossroads.

A report said the ban would allow more space to be given to pedestrians crossing the junction,

as well as cutting traffic.

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