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Digital drive to keep workers safe on Parliament refurb

Experts at  Heriot-Watt University are being drafted-in to help protect construction workers on the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster project. MPs overseeing the £4-6bn scheme have awarded the university £75,000 funding to develop industry-leading construction approaches to safeguard those working on the project in unique conditions.

Researchers will use technology to rehearse difficult construction challenges to make sure they are not dangerous for workers or damaging to the building.

Trials will be held on existing construction projects to test ideas like digital safety scenarios. University project lead Professor Guy Walker said: “The Palace of Westminster couldn’t be further from a new-build project where everything can be tightly controlled and specified, including the people working on site.

“Instead, there will be a high reliance on skill and the ability of construction teams to adapt to changing circumstances.

“We want to create an environment where the most natural behaviour is also the safest and most efficient.

“With technology we can rehearse construction activities in safety.

“Designers, engineers and construction workers can sit together in a room and use a digital platform to run scenario tests.

“We can rehearse ways to work better as construction teams and deal with inevitable unexpected problems.”

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