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Devon relief road and M5 junction team told to 'get on with it'

People have been making their views heard on plans for a relief road and a second motorway junction in Cullompton. Residents were able to quiz Devon County Council at events at Cullompton Community Centre on January 8 and Hayridge Centre on January 10.

The council proposes constructing a new second junction and bridge south of Junction 28 with south-facing slip roads. This new junction and relief road will reduce queues and delays at Junction 28 and reduce congestion and improve air quality throughout the town centre. The scheme will also include bus priority on the local road network and a new multi-use trail on the bridge itself.

There is significant queuing to use Junction 28 on weekdays, both outbound in the morning and inbound in the evening. Frequently, these queues stretch along Station Road between High Street and Junction 28, reducing the air quality in the town.

To resolve this, the council has been working with Mid Devon District Council (MDDC) and stakeholders such as National Highways, the Environment Agency, and Network Rail to find the best solution.

Speaking to Devon Live at a consultation event, Stuart Jarvis, principal transport planning officer at Devon County Council, said: “We had a busy night on January 8, as quite a few people turned up, and we’ve had a steady stream again on January 10.

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