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DELTABLOC UK® | CITYBLOC® urban protection system makes waves across Europe

With innovation in safety at the forefront of what DELTABLOC UK® strives to achieve, the CITYBLOC® system was specifically designed to best protect both site operatives and pedestrians specifically in urban and inner-city environments.

When projects are carried out so close to the general public, it’s no secret nor surprise that additional hazards are faced at every turn. The CITYBLOC® system uses fully tested and compliant state of the art technology, along with various attachments, including traffic signs and mesh fencing amongst others, to fully benefit roadworkers, road users and pedestrians alike.

The CITYBLOC® system is already making quite an impact across central Europe, with recent applications in France and The Netherlands proving an extremely popular choice.

CITYBLOC®: Pedestrian Safety in France

In just one case, the “Avenue de Lempdes” is a local road in central France that connects the two boroughs Lempdes and Cournon d´Auvergne.

The avenue has a highly frequented running, bicycle and walking lane that runs parallel to the highway.

DELTABLOC® France has increased user safety on this avenue just recently, as CITYBLOC® CB 240 elements have been installed to protect cyclists and pedestrians along the route.

The installation took place in 3 phases from Sept. 2019 to October 2020 and in total 311 CB 240 elements have been installed over a length of almost 800m.

CITYBLOC®: Utrecht inner-city application

Utrecht is, with 352,000 inhabitants, the 4th biggest city in the Netherlands and located centrally in the country. The beautiful medieval city centre is busy with pedestrians and bikes therefore every work zone needs to be protected properly.

For the reconstruction of an inner-city road, CITYBLOC® CB 240 elements paired with fence adapters have been used for protection. In total 200 CB, 240 elements and 150 fence adapters have been installed over a length of almost 500m.

DELTABLOC UK®’s Ian Davey said,

“As the CITYBLOC® system continues to impress around Europe, we will be excited to see the UK taking further notice of its capability. Work zone safety is absolutely vital, but in densely populated areas that is equalled by public and pedestrian safety as well. One factor to further consider is the current pandemic and how the system boosts roadside safety for static pedestrians.

“Following the lifting of the UK’s first national lockdown, we saw a number of businesses – particularly restaurants and bars – making an effort to be able to provide as much outside and roadside space for their clientele as possible in order to maximise their income potential. This possibly means we have had more people static on our kerbs and roadsides than ever before.

“As our current lockdown is lifted, a similar situation could occur as social distancing isn’t instantly abandoned, and so the CITYBLOC® is a perfect solution for what just 12 months ago was an unforeseen scenario.

“Our compliments go to our colleagues across Europe installing the CITYBLOC® and we look forward to seeing an increased presence in the UK throughout 2021.”

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